Wired and Wireless Networks

Every device connected to a wired network is composed of a Network Interface Card (NIC) that connects the device in a Local Area Network (LAN), Ethernet Switch, router and connecting cable whereas in wireless network, all the other components are available except the cable. The Wireless Access Points (WAP) allow the connection between mobile devices such as a Laptop, a mobile phone to wired network with the support of various specific IEEE MAC standards.

We handle the issues like Congestion control, Denial of Service (DoS) attack and link failure recovery mechanisms that need attention in wired network.

We focus on the mobility and limited battery feature of wireless devices that makes it difficult in routing and data access via WAP without disconnection in wireless and hybrid network.

Our emerging research dimension in network is Cognitive radio, an extension of software define radio, is capable of utilizing the idle spectrum effectively through its knowledge about the existing condition of the environment in the physical layer.