Big Data

Big data is a large collection of data obtained from several resources such as sensor’s information on the weather report, contents, pictures and videos on social media sites, purchase transaction records, cell phone GPS signals, and so on. The data may be local or in the cloud, or both that makes you flooded with massive amounts of information.

We would like to share our knowledge to assist the enterprise to solve the big data challenges. The big data platform is a unique combination of traditional technologies compatible with the speed and the flexibility and ideally retrieves and performs ad hoc data discovery.

The big data platform assisst various industries and enterprises to comprehend the business challenges and to successfully deal with them. The big data platform is used to combat with the challenges in Healthcare, Telco, Utilities and so on.


Our research centre employs enterprise information management strategy and effectively provides solutions to the requirements of the client. Our strategy involves the following:

  • Big data strategy and roadmap development
  • Technology assessment and piloting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Implementation guidance