Mobile Web

The mobile web is a potential candidate for cross platform mobile applications and significant in browser based applications using smart phones and tablets. Mobile web incorporates three key technologies: HTML5, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript. Mobile web design needs to optimize browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page customized for the device in which it runs. The mobile web design allows to stay ahead of the market trend, and it is important in media rich mobile internet applications which are rapidly increasing in recent days. The mobile web design is the technology solution with the rapid market penetration of the tablet and smart phone devices, to remain ahead of competitors and to establish market share. This is the easy way to reach users across multiple devices ensuring a seamless experience. The standardized style sheets across devices and the unified design approach avoids redirection and creates a consistent look and feel. A primary benefit of adopting a cross platform mobile web design consumes less time than creating an additional mobile site.